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Down But Not Out: My Everyday Everyway Band Life

Anonymous said: Hey handsome how's it goin?

Haiii, just bandtastic! You?


Down But Not Out: My Everyday Everyway Band Life

Anonymous said: Is there someone you have a crush on?

Ha your anonymous timing is perfect. Ugh, just stop.



I am only a little upset I look somewhat ridiculous in this picture because there are much more important points to notice in this picture.

But first a story:

After I broke my leg and went through several surgeries over the last 2 years I wasn’t able to march the Summer of 2011 to the end. I was invited to stay with Crown the week of finals. While I was there I was introduced to a very special little girl. Her name is Avabelle, she is the daughter of Ben and Cindy Harloff. And for those who don’t know Ben Harloff is part of the brass staff at Crown and a key piece to our success. 

Cindy came to me during Semi-Finals day while I was watching Crown rehearse and she had someone who wanted to meet me, Avabelle. She was 4 at the time, very cute, and very shy. She stood behind her mother holding tight to her leg. She wanted to give me something, it was a little blue smurf from the new movie that had recently come out. She called the little guy “Hero” and it was her favorite toy ever, he stood there with a rather large staff held above his head. 

She told me that she wanted me to have it because I was her hero, and she has been praying for me ever since I got hurt in the first place. 

I’ll tell you what, I was incredibly touched and choked up by this and didn’t know what to say exactly other than thanking her and taking the toy and she proceeded to hide back behind her mother.

I’ll never forget that, the day I met my youngest, most supportive fan.

He stayed on my bus all summer long, but I made sure for finals night that he would get to stand beside me on the podium.

If you look veryyyyyy closely right in front of my feet, you can see him standing there!

Ohmygosh. I just saw The Smurfs movie for the first time. I never understood why little Avabelle called this guy Hero, when under his foot they clearly gave him the name Clumsy. Clumsy was a Hero for saving their village from the bad guy…and she understood that! And then she gave me her favorite toy because…I was her hero.

Okay, This is incredibly sappy and adorable and I think I might just…hnnnggg

Don’t judge me!

A little update: Every year since I received him and he conducted on my podium I’ve had him conduct with a Drum Major who I felt… needed to hear this story. So they can feel what it’s like to be a hero, a lot of the time they don’t seem to see that they really are just that—a hero. In 2013 20centssharpe (Larkin Sharpe) conducted with him but I didn’t get a picture. This year I told William James about this story and this little guy conducted with him every night during finals. It was so humbling to see his reaction when I told him this story. From confusion, to speechlessness, to teary eyes, I’m glad I could help him see what he was able to accomplish. 






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Been a great day in fitness and productivity

Been a great day in fitness and productivity

Such a great run :)

Such a great run :)


The “yes or no” game

You can ask me anything and I’ll answer honestly, but only with yes or no.

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Abs, it’s been too long.

Abs, it’s been too long.